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Why Your Child Shouldn't Miss Their Dental Checkups

Why Your Child Shouldn't Miss Their Dental Checkups

Appointments with children's dentist offices should begin early. According to the Associate of American Pediatric Dentists (AAPD), it's recommended that children and adolescents visit a pediatric dentist for ex-rays, fluoride treatments, hygienic cleaning, and exams at least every six months. Let's take a closer look at a few reasons why your child shouldn't miss their dental checkups.

It's Important to Detect Problems Early

Dental issues that are discovered early can be addressed more effectively. This means that your child will have a better chance of enjoying good oral health throughout their lives. Orthodontic issues can also be identified at an early stage, making corrective treatment less intense and more effective. Regular visits will also help your child overcome any fear that they may have about going to the dentist. Creating a positive relationship with dental care will help alleviate stress in the future.

Other Health Problems Can Be Revealed During a Dental Exam

In addition to identifying dental and orthodontic issues at an early stage, the same holds true for medical problems. Your children's dentist will be one of the medical providers who see them regularly. After a certain age, your pediatrician or family doctor will only see your child annually. Their dentist will see them twice a year and will be better able to catch any potential problems. This is a significant benefit that can't be overstated when protecting your child's overall health and wellness.

Good Habits Should Start Young

There's a lot of stress that can come with dental visits. If someone doesn't develop a positive relationship with their dentist, it can be challenging for them to maintain good oral hygiene as they grow older. When you ensure that they don't miss their dental checkups, they're on the road to a lifetime of good dental health. Encouraging them to brush their teeth twice a day and not eat too many sweets instills the importance of oral care from a young age. The stronger their relationship with their teeth in childhood, the more likely they'll be to continue those good habits into their adulthood.

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Posted 6/15/23