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Why Your Child Should Visit A Pediatric Dentist Sooner (Rather Than Later)

Without a proper set of teeth that are well cared for, it would be very difficult to eat our favorite foods, speak, or flash a wonderful smile that is indicative of our caring and gentle nature. Smiles take time to nurture, correct, and take care of, starting with your child’s first dentist appointment.

Many parents delay taking their child to a pediatric dentist because they think that their child is “not old enough for kids pediatric dentistry” or “will not be able to process the information.” While the latter may be true, that certainly doesn’t delay many parents from taking their child to the doctor, daycare, or any other services that help them along in their development.

It is very important for your child to visit their own children’s dentist near you. Not only so that they become familiar with visiting a kids pediatric dentistry office, but so that eventually they can learn how to take care of their own teeth in a way that continues as a lifelong healthy habit. By cultivating these habits, your child will not only have better teeth for life but definitely be on the path toward having a healthy, beautiful smile.

When Is The Best Age For A Child To Visit The Dentist?

According to The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child should visit the dentist no later than their first year or six months after their first tooth appears. Whatever happens first is how the timeline should be set, and it’s important to stick to it. It may not seem like children are at risk of having dental problems like cavities because their eating history is so regulated and new, but more than 40% of children have dental cavities by the time they reach kindergarten. If these habits aren’t fixed early on, they will only develop into bigger problems down the road.

Your Child’s Dentist Is A Source Of Education

From learning how to properly floss to what types of toothbrushes are best for their mouth, the dentist office is where your child will learn quality oral habits from an authority figure that knows best. Your kids’ pediatric dentistry office and staff are your child’s best source of dental education. They can provide the most up-to-date information regarding personal oral health and the latest developments in oral hygiene. It is best to ask someone who has chosen this as their profession for a qualified answer.

Visiting The Dentist Reduces Anxiety

Many adults have anxiety about visiting the dentist. Getting your child accustomed to the dentist will help them avoid any kind of dental phobia. By allowing your child to see that a kids dentist is nothing to be scared of, and is a valuable source of information, their natural anxiety about going to a foreign place with strange objects and devices will be eased. Most kids pediatric dentistry offices are great about decorating in a fun and carefree manner. The most important thing is to teach your child that there’s nothing to be scared of.

All Around: It’s A Good Idea To Smile At

Visiting your local kids pediatric dentistry office means investing time and energy in your child’s health. By helping them learn good oral hygiene habits, you’ll be setting them up for success later in life with diet, exercise, and other self-care routines.