Why Kids Need Oral Healthcare at Different Ages and Stages

Child decay is on the rise. That is not surprising when you hear about the declining numbers of children who brush their teeth or see a dentist properly.

Why is that Bad News?

Dental disease in children can lead to chronic infection and pain when they are not treated properly or on time. This can derail the child’s ability to play, eat, and learn. As a result, untreated dental problems can negatively impact their growth.

What is Happening?

Lack of guidance on the side of the parents also contributes to the problem, leading to worsening tooth decay problems in children. Others, on the other hand, are confused or lack knowledge about the proper diet for kids or when is it the right time to schedule a child for a check-up.

When Do Kids Need Dental Care?

Children should pay a visit to the dentist as soon as their first tooth comes through. This milestone usually happens when the child is at 12 months of age. Waiting until the child is two years old before bringing him to the dentist can lead to cavity buildup in his teeth.

Why Do Kids Need Care at Every Stage?

Children require dental care at every stage. This is especially true for cases that may involve infected or painful teeth. In addition, tooth decay can develop over time. By bringing your child to an experienced and qualified kid’s dentist in Gilbert, signs of early decay can easily be detected. When your child starts undergoing dental checkups from 12 months of age, that can help identify any red flags, giving you a chance to adjust your child’s diet and lifestyle. And if your child does end up with a dental problem, regular checkups ensure that he or she will get the treatment he needs. By catching signs of the disease early on through the checkups, doctors can get your child started on treatment to prevent costly and complex ones further down the road.

How Do I Choose a Dentist?

Aside from qualifications and credentials, it’s important for dentists to have experience working with children. Is your child at ease with the dentist? That matters. Kind and playful dentists can keep your child from developing an unhealthy fear of dentists.

That is the kind of service you can expect with our dental care providers – dentists who love kids. If you are looking for a kid’s dentist in Gilbert, set an appointment with Pediatric Dental Specialists today.