Tips From a Pediatric Dentist: How to Combat Cavities

A pediatric dentist will explain that bacteria can cause other health issues. It's important to watch your child's oral health closely.

It's important for parents to help their children take care of their teeth. Unfortunately, parents aren't always successful. As a result, more than 40% of kids will have cavities by the time they reach kindergarten, according to the Center for Pediatric Dentistry. Here are some tips from a pediatric dentist to keep your child from being part of that group.

Don't Let Them Drink Many Sugary Beverages

It might be tempting to give your child a sugary soda on a hot summer day. It's a way to quench their thirst and they love the taste. While that might be true, the sugar that's in the drink will attack their teeth for up to 20 minutes per sip. That's an extended assault, for sure. Limit the sugar to special occasions and make sure that they drink some water to wash their mouths out afterward.

Start Brushing Early

You want your child to have good habits. Start brushing their teeth as soon as the first one appears. You want them to start getting used to the process so they will take over and start doing it themselves. There are plenty of products on the market that will help, like some electric toothbrushes that will play songs that will make it more fun.

Be Sure to Floss

Brushing alone isn't going to be enough. You need to floss your child's teeth at least once per day. This will get rid of food particles that would create bacteria that could cause tooth decay and other issues. Some parents think that since their child's baby teeth are going to fall out, it doesn't matter if they get cavities. A pediatric dentist will explain that bacteria can get into the child's bloodstream and cause other health issues. It's important to watch your child's oral health closely.

It may be a bit of a struggle at first to get your child to learn the proper toothbrushing form, but after a while, they will get the hang of it. You may still have to monitor them for a while since they may be eager to run out and start playing again. By being diligent, you can ensure that each dental visit will be smooth and the effort will be worth it. Your child's pediatric dentist can help with this process as well. Set your child up for success by bringing them to the offices of Pediatric Dental Specialists. Our caring staff will make them comfortable from start to finish. Contact us today to make an appointment.

Posted 2/27/24