Tips For Choosing a Toothbrush For Your Child

Regardless of your child’s age, the toothbrush you choose for them should be simple enough for them to handle and manipulate and it should fit comfortably in their mouth. According to the American Dental Association, it is recommended to brush twice a day. This means that the style of brush your kid uses is extra important! Kids dentists suggest soft bristles and rounded or “polished” ends because they are less harsh on gums and tooth enamel. If you need assistance locating the ideal toothbrush for your child, this article can point you in the right direction.

Avoid Bristles That are Too Firm

The stiffness of the toothbrush bristles is an important factor to be considered. Harder bristles might be excellent for cleaning your grill or removing hard water stains on your shower walls, but they are not good for your child’s teeth. For the more difficult-to-reach areas of your child’s mouth, softer bristles offer great flexibility.

Consider Additional Features

Consider whether the toothbrush has any additional functions that could aid in removing plaque and other dental debris from your teeth. Using an electric toothbrush or a pick to assist you in eliminating food particles caught between your teeth may be included. Look at the various features and options to select a toothbrush that will work for your child. You can consult kids dentists for more helpful recommendations.

Make Sure it Fits

When buying a toothbrush for an adult-sized mouth, size is rarely a concern. However, selecting the right-sized toothbrush for a child is crucial. Why? Smaller brushes are required for smaller mouths. Toothbrush makers frequently suggest the age range that will benefit from a certain product the most on the front of the brush packaging.

Make it Fun and Get Them Involved

Allow your child to participate in the selection process if they show an interest. This gives them a sense of ownership and a voice in the process. Additionally, brushing becomes enjoyable when their preferred cartoon character, car, or sport participates in the activity with them. However, you should note that the lifespan of a toothbrush is limited, especially when small children are using it. Kids dentists suggest changing a child’s toothbrush every three months.

Choosing a toothbrush is vital because you want to ensure your child will use it effectively. Be sure to respect your child’s preferences and degree of comfort. If you want more tips to encourage good oral hygiene habits in your children, give Pediatric Dental Specialists a call today!