Preparing Your Child For A Dental Visit

The American Dental Association recommends that kids and teenagers see a kids pediatric dentist every six months to ensure good oral health. Finding the right pediatric dentist Chandler parents can trust makes it a lot easier to get the kids to the dentist.

A semi-annual visit to the trusted dentist for children will help to ensure that your child has the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health. Preparing your child for their visit to the kids pediatric dentist can help to make the visit go smoothly.

When Should Your Child Have Their First Visit With a Kids Pediatric Dentist?

Many parents are surprised to hear that the first visit to the children’s dentist should happen around the age of one. There are two reasons why you want to make that appointment for your one-year-old. The first is obvious. You want to get your child’s teeth checked out to make sure that everything is coming in as it should and there are no cavities forming. Early interventions can help to prevent painful infections and other dental problems.

The second reason for going to the dentist as soon as teeth are all in (usually between 12 months and 18 months) is because you want to lay a foundation for dental care being a normal part of their health care. Dental care has to be a part of their overall health care. If they start going early on in life, it will be as natural to go to the pediatric dentist as it is to go visit with the pediatrician.

How Can You Make Visiting the Kids Pediatric Dentist Easier for Your Child?

Fear of the unknown is enough to make anyone feel apprehensive. The same is true for a child. By explaining to the child using age-appropriate language you can help to ease the fear of the dentist. You can:

  • Read books with a “going to the dentist” theme.
  • Used stuffed animals and dolls to show how a dental exam works.
  • Make it seem like an exciting time to visit the dentist.

A kids pediatric dentist will have the skill set to ensure that they can put your child at ease. Between your preparing your child for the dentist and the expertise of the children’s pediatric dentist and staff, your child will enjoy going to the dentist.

Oral health is so important to overall health. It is important that your child gets the dental health care that they need to ensure a lifetime of good dental health. Make an appointment today.