How Your Child Should Brush Their Teeth

You must set time aside to encourage your kids to take part in brushing their teeth as they grow older. It is generally advisable to start teaching your child how to brush their teeth at age two or three. You should also remember to ask for advice from pediatric dentists. First, you can let them brush on their own; then follow up to ensure they get it right. Here are some tips for how your child should brush their teeth.

Teach Them the Correct Technique

You should teach your child to brush their teeth correctly. For instance, apart from just brushing their teeth, they should also learn to brush along the gum line. There are correct and incorrect ways to brush teeth. Instead of doing it haphazardly, teach your child to brush gently in small circles. They should also brush along the outside and inside surfaces of their teeth. For the chewing surfaces of teeth, show them how to brush back and forth. Once they are done brushing, they should spit out the toothpaste. Please avoid having them rinse out the toothpaste. The small amount of toothpaste that remains is essential to protect their teeth.

Throw in Some Dental Floss

It can also be beneficial to teach your child how to use dental floss at an early age. This will make it easier for them to clean between the teeth. To find out how to teach your child flossing, you may want to ask pediatric dentists for advice. Around the age of 10, it is highly likely that your child would have developed the necessary motor skills they need to brush and floss their teeth correctly. However, you will still need to supervise them until you are absolutely sure they are doing a great job.

Make it Fun!

You want your kids to enjoy brushing their teeth. This way, they will not view it as a chore when it is time to brush every day. To introduce some fun to brushing teeth, you can sing a song or make silly noises. You can also play a kids’ toothbrushing video. You will find that children generally love copying others. Therefore, when you play a video of another kid brushing their teeth the correct way, it will not be too difficult to teach them to do the same. Apart from the videos, you can also find several dental-themed story books that you can use to help teach your child about brushing teeth.

Oral health is important, especially starting from childhood. This is why you need to ensure that your child learns how to brush teeth correctly as early as possible. When was the last time you took your child to pediatric dentists? If you cannot remember, contact us today. If crucial for your child to have their oral health monitored as they grow up. This enables dentists to spot problems easily and address them before they turn into complicated issues.