How Should I Talk To My Child About The Dentist?

If your child has a deep and abiding fear of the dentist, then taking her to dental appointments can be quite a challenge. What steps can you take to change that? Read on to know pointers on how you should talk to your child and handle the situation.

Be Aware Of Your Own Biases

Your child may be getting her fear of the dentist from you. Check yourself. Are you showing your own biases and fear of the dentist? Then your child is only taking her cues from you. Once you change your outlook, though, then that can reduce your child’s dental anxiety and fear. Keep that in mind when you talk to your child. Don’t let your fear or biases color your judgment and have that kind of behavior spill over to your baby.

Start Them Young

Some parents wait before they bring their child to the dentist. But if you bring her to the dental office by the age of one or when her first tooth appears, that’s going to help her grow up comfortable and without any fear of dentists or dental appointments. By the time she starts talking and asking questions, you won’t need to worry about your child being too afraid of the dentist.

Use The Right Words

Watch what you say. Kids can often be literal. If you mention that it’s going to hurt or there’s going to be pain, that could lead to poor results. Instead, describe the process in a way that won’t highlight or mention the possibility that it’s going to hurt.

Make The Visit Fun

When you take your tiny tot to a children’s dentist in Chandler, make sure you make the visit as fun as possible. Don’t let it be scary or intimidating. You could bring along treats so your child can have something to look forward to or something you can distract her with.

Talk About The Importance Of Teeth

Make your child understand the importance of good dental hygiene. The more she knows, the better she’ll be at taking care of her teeth as she grows up.

Bottom Line

Don’t let fear and anxiety affect your child’s dental care and health. Pick the right dental care provider. For a trusted children’s dentist in Chandler, contact Pediatric Dental Specialists, PC. Talk to us today and make an appointment for your child’s care and treatment as soon as possible.