From Tots to Teens: How a Pediatric Dentist Keeps Young Smiles Bright

When it comes to dental visits, children are a lot like adults when it comes to their needs, they just tend to see a specialist who focuses on the dental needs of children. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, kids and teens should have checkups with a pediatric dentist every six months. These visits will include cleanings, an exam, fluoride treatment, and X-rays. The goal is to keep them from getting cavities or any other dental issues. There are other ways, however, that they can help your children and teens have great smiles. Let's take a look!

They Can Show Them The Right Way to Brush Their Teeth

You can try to teach your kids how to brush their teeth until you're blue in the face. Sometimes they have to hear from an authority figure, like a dentist for kids. The dentist or a hygienist can show them the proper technique and have them practice then and there. That can make your job as a parent easier by taking the reigns on this particular learning curve.

They Can Monitor How Their Teeth Are Coming In

A pediatric dentist can make sure that your child's teeth are arriving at the proper times, depending on how old they are. They will also monitor whether the teeth are coming in straight or crooked. Is there a chance that their mouth might be overcrowded? If that's the case, then they will possibly recommend that you take them to an orthodontist for braces or Invisalign. This is far more than just something cosmetic, since if the teeth keep coming in crooked, then it can affect how your child will bite or talk.

They Can Make Sure No Severe Cavities Set In

If your child has tooth decay issues at a young age, this could be something that plagues them as they get older. It's especially important that they know this when their adult teeth come in. A pediatric dentist will make sure to handle any cavities before they get too deep. They will also check that there is no plaque hiding in areas that can create future problems.

Ultimately, it's the goal of the pediatric dentist to help your child have healthy teeth into adulthood. They will then have a solid foundation for dental health moving forward. Are you looking for a dentist for kids in your area? We can help you find ones who will work with them to ensure that they have great smiles in the early stages of their lives. Contact us today!