Facts About Teeth Your Kids Will Love to Learn

They say knowledge is power. Sometimes, you need to inform your kids about their smiles in order to empower them to take care of their teeth. And while you can and should take them to a kids dentist for optimal care, here are a few fun facts about teeth that will get your child more interested in maintaining their pearly whites.

Fact #1: Teeth have a protective covering

Kids can see their teeth every time they look in the mirror. But what’s not so visible to the naked eye is the enamel. The enamel is a protective covering surrounding each tooth. It fights off decay and is even stronger than bone! It is the hardest mineral substance found on or in the human body. You can, however, wear it down if you’re not careful. Kids can protect the enamel of their teeth by cutting down on acidic foods and drinks. This includes sodas, citrus juice, and sweets.

Fact #2: It’s important to brush twice daily

For healthy smiles, the American Dental Association recommends that everyone (no matter their age) brush their teeth twice a day. This is one great way to protect your teeth and gums from harmful bacteria. This bacteria can lead to infections and tooth decay if you’re not careful! Plaque is also continuously produced in the mouth and brushing helps cancel out its negative effects.

Fact #3: Flossing is just as important as brushing

Your childrens pediatric dentist will be happy to tell you that when kids brush but don’t floss, they are leaving some of that build-up and plaque behind. Flossing also promotes healthy gums and is just as important as brushing twice a day. Patients, unfortunately, tend to overlook this aspect of dental care. However, kids learn quickly and can easily implement this great habit for healthier teeth.

Fact #4: Soda is more dangerous than you think

There is a reason kids dentists don’t want adults and kids overindulging when it comes to soda — and it all comes down to the amount of sugar found in just one can. The average can of soda contains a whopping 10 to 12 teaspoons of pure sugar! This is detrimental to your smile and overall health, so it’s best to limit or skip the sugary sodas altogether. This is especially true for kids who are still learning how to best care for their oral health.

From fun facts to finding the best childrens pediatric dentist

Caring for your teeth is half at-home care and half dental visits. While you and your child can brush, floss, and rinse every single day, nothing beats a professional cleaning done by a childrens dentist. In addition, there’s no at-home routine for addressing serious dental issues such as cavities, dental alignment, and oral surgery. Therefore, if your searching for quality care from a childrens pediatric dentist, contact Pediatric Dental Specialists for more information today.