Children Make These Top Oral Hygiene Mistakes: How to Correct Them

Kids are still learning how to take care of their teeth, and we can’t fault them for that. However, as a parent, watch out for some of these dental hygiene mistakes and bad habits. When corrected early-on, your child will have a beautiful smile for years to come.

Continue reading to learn more about kids dentists and positive teeth cleaning habits for kids.

Brushing Just Once a Day

Even some adults are guilty of this. However, your child’s teeth are still developing, and you don’t want this bad habit to become engrained into their adult life. Therefore, if you catch your child missing one of the two required daily brushing sessions, make sure to sit them down and talk to them about why it’s important to brush in the morning and night. After all, brushing in the morning helps to eliminate that foul morning breath! It also gets rid of the bacteria formed overnight. Brushing at night, on the other hand, prevents tooth decay and gum disease.

Let them know that you brush twice a day, and lead by example.

Your child sees you as a positive figure in their lives, and no doubt want to make the same great decisions as you.

Brushing Too Quickly

Your child may be brushing twice a day, but are they brushing long enough? A brushing session should last somewhere between two to three minutes. This ensures that they have enough time to brush their tongue, cheeks, teeth, and gums. Set a timer in their bathroom, so they don’t try to speed wash their teeth and miss the point completely.

Using Mouthwash and Not Floss

While kid-friendly mouthwash (especially the fun bubblegum flavored kind), is fun to use, make sure your children aren’t substituting mouth rinse for floss. They are both important to your child’s oral hygiene routine, but flossing often goes neglected.

They Feel and Act Nervous Around a Kids Pediatric Dentist

Though they can’t help this one, try to bring your little one for their first appointment around their first birthday. This way, they can feel comfortable and confident in the dentist’s chair as they grow.

Skipping Their Tongue When Brushing

Kids must learn the importance of brushing their tongue in addition to their pearly whites. Keep a tongue scraper on their bathroom counter so that they can get rid of all that gunk before bed.

Chewing Plastic Toys

This is another bad habit you want to nip in the bud before it gets worse. Chewing on plastic pen caps and toys can wreak havoc on their precious teeth. Not only can this wear their teeth down, but it can also scrape and damage their gums. If you notice your small child doing this, it may be a stress or anxiety issue. Set them down, and talk to them about what is going on at school. They may be anxious about a big test coming up. Additionally, they may need more stimulation in their lives if they resort to chewing as a coping mechanism. Place them in a team sport, and help them learn a new instrument to correct the behavior.

If you find that your infant is doing this, they may be teething. Purchase a teething ring and book an appointment with a pediatric dentist in your area.

For Help Finding a Quality Childrens Dentist

Although you can teach your kid how to have perfect hygiene at home, your pediatric dentist can help your child feel more comfortable in a clinical setting. Going to the dentist is a big part of life, so if you want to set your child up for success, make sure they are accustomed to those whirring dental instruments and yearly cleanings.

In you’re still on the hunt for a pediatric dentist, contact us today. We can set up an appointment for you and your child.