Advice on How to Find a Pediatric Dentist

Start bringing your kids in for a dental visit by their first birthday. Finding the right pediatric dentist in Chandler will mean the difference between a good first experience and one that may turn your child off dental visits for life. To ensure a pleasant first visit, here are a few helpful suggestions.

Ask Around

Reach out to friends and family in the neighborhood. Where do they take their kids for dental care? This is a useful step if your family has just moved into the community. If you know someone in the area, ask them for tips.

Look for Locals

Go online and look for a local pediatric clinic. How long has it been around? Local clinics that have been in the same spot for years tend to be a good choice, as they tend to have loyal customers. That indicates competence and client trust.

Pick the Right One

Not all dentists have the training, resources, and skill to treat kids. Make sure you find one who specializes in pediatric dentistry treatments. Look for certification, so you know you’ve chosen someone qualified for the job.

Schedule a Consult

The best way to find out if you’ve made the right choice is to consult with the dentist. Observe the interaction between the person and your child. Is your kid at ease? Does the dentist take a personal interest in your child’s oral health? Or do you get the feeling that you’re being rushed out the door after a few questions? If the dentist doesn’t take the time to answer your questions—or those of your child—patiently, move on to a different dental specialist.

Consider the Atmosphere

Take a look at the office. Is the waiting room child-friendly? Dentists who treat kids should design their offices to cater to their clientele. That includes the equipment they use. Are the dental tools and equipment meant for a child or an adult?

Observe the Staff

How the staff treats you and your child is also a telling sign. Are they approachable and warm? Are they friendly? Or are they rude and abrupt? Take note of that when you set up appointments with the receptionist.

Choose Comfort

Choose the dental specialist that your child likes. If s/he is comfortable and relaxed, that will make for pleasant sessions in the future. For a trusted pediatric dentist in Chandler, call the Pediatric Dental Specialists for an appointment.