A Guide on the Importance of Kids Pediatric Dentistry

Good oral care for children is a sensitive matter for most parents. When looking after your kid’s teeth, there is no better time than now to start proper dental hygiene practices. Did you know that you should take your child for the first dental appointment at the onset of the first teeth or by their first birthday?

General Dentist Vs. Dentists for Children

Where do you take your child for their first visit? While it may sound convenient to go to your family dentist, it may not be the best option. They prefer to practice in a generalized field, offering treatment to all age-groups. Children’s pediatric dentists specialize in working with kids, only handling patients under the age of 18. The dentists for children undergo additional specialized training to equip them with skills to manage kids’ dental issues.

Importance of Pediatric Dentistry

A survey done by the Center for Health and Healthcare in Schools shows that over 51 million school hours are lost each year due to dental-related illnesses. One of the best ways to ensure your kids have good oral health and keep them in school is by taking them to a children’s dentist.

a. Introduction to Good Dental Care

Good oral habits are developed right from infancy. Dentists for children can examine your kid’s oral development and provide parental education on how to best care for their teeth. Your child will grow understanding the importance of dental hygiene from a tender age and may not depart from it as adults. The biannual visits to the dentist will become a routine for them.

Kid’s dentists receive specialized training on handling children of different age groups, from infancy to young adults. The kid-friendly environment reduces the stress and anxiety associated with a trip to the dentist. The pedodontist will keep your child’s teeth healthy by removing the plaque build-up on their teeth.

b. Access to Professional Oral Care Tips

Contrary to what many parents mistakenly believe, baby teeth are important. You may need to look after the primary teeth. The dentists for children can show you the best way to brush and clean your kid’s teeth. It is vital to assist your kids with brushing and flossing until they are eight.

Children’s pediatric dentists can also educate you on the right diet for healthy gums and teeth. You should include a lot of vegetables and fruits on their diet, with restraint on sugary foods. You should also avoid putting your baby to sleep with a bottle of milk or juice. The pediatric dentist can advise on the use of pacifiers.

c. Prevent Tooth Decay

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than 40% of kids have cavities by the time they are joining kindergarten. Tooth decay can result in gum disease or tooth loss later in life. Dentists for children can help create a prevention plan by establishing proper oral care habits. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste can make your teeth resistant to acid attacks resulting from oral bacteria and sugar.

The dentist for kids can detect cavities early during the biannual teeth inspection and cleaning. They can also identify teeth misalignment and refer you to a pediatric orthodontist. If you are looking for a children’s dentist in Chandler, feel free to contact Pediatric Dental Specialists.