5 Reasons Why You Need to Visit a Pediatric Dentist

As kids grow up, oral care becomes part of their routine. By the time they are six years old, they are getting permanent teeth, but unfortunately 40% end up with dental cavities. Visiting a pediatric dentist will give you the best solution to curb the condition and keep kids’ teeth healthy.

Below are five reasons why it’s better to visit a kids’ pediatric dentist.

1. You are Educated on How to Care for Kids

Often, a pediatric dentist will handle children’s oral care, so no matter what issues your child has, the dentist for kids can give you the best solutions.

Usually, they undergo the right training to care for kids’ oral health without bringing them much discomfort. It’s a well-known fact that children don’t enjoy dental visits, so the pediatric dentist tries to make it better.

Moreover, a pediatric dentist undergoes the right education from college until they get their certification from the AAPD (American Academy for Pediatric Dentistry) on working with kids. The additional education takes two to three years to complete.

2. They Use Pediatric Equipment

Often, kids become intimidated in the normal family dentist office because of the atmosphere. The practice is more suitable for adults, as it has fewer features that help put the children at ease. But at the pediatric dental practice, everything is geared towards making children feel comfortable.

Typically, the childrens pediatric dentist understands that kids feel nervous. To ease that, they may line their interior with cartoons and other soothing decor. Additionally, there are toys for kids or a play area where they can spend some time waiting for their appointment.

Once you enter the pediatric dentist’s office, you notice the equipment is the right size and shape for kids. Therefore, the dentist will not be trying to force or modify equipment meant for adults to fit into a child’s mouth.

3. Properly Trained Staff

Have you ever been to a dental practice where staff has no training on how to handle kids? They do not know how to handle a crying or overexcited child and can become extremely uncomfortable or even awkward whenever they try. In most cases, the more they try to calm them down, the more nervous the kids become.

However, at a pediatric dentist facility, the staff knows how to relate to kids given their extensive training. They can intervene when your child acts out because they’re nervous or help them to the play area if they have too much energy to sit still.

4. Focus on Preventive Care

Since a pediatric dentist knows the ins and outs of proper children’s oral care, they encourage early visits. From the age of 1, you can take your child for an appointment. Early visits give the children’s pediatric dentist a chance to advise you on preventive care.

Normally, it’s better to prevent oral issues rather than treat them. Therefore, you can start preventive measures from an early age with proper advice from an expert.

5. Prizes for Kids

It’s a habit in many kid-friendly practices to award kids presents after every visit. Knowing they have a present waiting after completing the appointment makes children less fussy.

A pediatric dentist is the best option for your child’s dental care. They have the right training and experience to make going to the kids dentist easier for your child.