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5 Qualities to Look For in a Dependable Kids Dentist

Knowing how to find a great kids dentist is important because it can ensure that your child gets the dental care that they need. It also helps prevent illnesses that may rob them of school time. According to The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools, 51 million school hours are lost because of dental illnesses each year. Here are the top five traits you need to look for when seeking out a high-quality dental professional for your child.

1. Years of Experience

When seeking a pediatric dental professional, make sure that you find someone with years of experience in the field. You want someone who has worked heavily with kids and who enjoys doing so. In this way, you'll get the best dental professional possible for your child and minimize potential issues.

2. Dependable

When you take your child out of school for the day to visit a dentist, you probably also have to take the day off as well. When a dentist cancels your appointment for little or no reason, it's easy to get very frustrated. Try to find a dentist who either never cancels or who does so with advance warning.

3. Friendly

When your child walks into the dentist's office, they should be greeted by a smiling and friendly dental professional. A naturally friendly dentist is great for your child because it can help calm their nerves. Kids can read people much better than most parents understand.

4. Good With Kids

Any kids dentist worth your time should not only be friendly with your children but actively enjoy spending time with them. They should understand childish humor and have plenty of jokes that will make your kids laugh. In this way, they can keep your child comfortable while working with them.

5. Specialized Pediatric Training

Try to find a dentist who has trained in pediatric dental care. They should have licenses suited specifically to pediatric dental practices, including calming techniques that keep children who are afraid of the dentist from panicking. By doing this, you should find someone who keeps your child calm.

Finding the best kids dentist includes talking to the dental professionals and paying attention to their personalities and gauging whether or not they feel comfortable for you. We are confident you will find all these qualities in the experts here at the Pediatric Dental Specialists serving children in Chandler and Gilbert. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!